How Can we Benefit from Maintenance?

Keeping our HVAC system properly maintained has many benefits. Benefits range from our wallet, to the environment and even our health! 

So what exactly are some of the benefits of professional HVAC service?  Well, it keeps the system running smoothly and can prevent or prepare you for costly repairs or replacements; but let’s dig into some hard core facts about what it does for us personally…

Saves Us Money

Regular upkeep and maintenance could help your system run 5% to 15% better.  While 5% may not sound like a large number, if you have your system running all year long, the savings can really add up.  An efficient system not only will save money by reducing your energy costs, but also using less energy will help the environment.  Every little bit can help.  Investing the time and money to keep your unit running smoothly, is a small price to pay compared to replacing or repairing the system due to poor maintenance.

Benefits Our Health

Routine maintenance can help reduce the pet hair, dander, dust and mold in your home.  When your unit is running properly and cleaned regularly, it can greatly reduce these triggers for allergies and asthma.  Regular maintenance can help keep your home a haven from these irritants.  It can be difficult to know for sure if your system is up to par, so it’s always a safe bet to rely on the professionals! 

Keeps Us Cool

This one is pretty straight forward.  Summer is near in and the temperatures are definitely rising!  Texas heat is pretty much unbearable and we don’t’ want to get stuck with a busted AC.  Regular maintenance will help keep you cool all summer long.

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