Consider when Choosing a Contractor

Choosing the right contractor is the first step in any project.  Find a HVAC contractor you can trust!

Here are a few ways to help you find the company who is right for you!

Getting the bid

Do the bids clearly describe service and pricing, or are they vague and open ended?   Written quotes should always be provided prior to commiting.  It is likely there will be additional research to complete your bid following your visit, but don’t let that scare you.   This means the contractor is checking sources and ensuring you get the best deal on your system.   Upon receiving the quote, it should be transparent and make sense while giving a clear picture of what will be done.

Cost of the visit

First of all, consider what you are requesting a technician for.  Service calls usually indicates that you know something requires professional repair.   A service call will always cost, but at True Blue Air Service estimates for a new system are always free! If the contractor charges you for a new system estimate, you need to be weary as this is a good indication they will find other ways to charge you for services you should not be paying for.

Big brand companies

Are you a person or a number?  Do you speak to a different person in a different city or state every time you call for an update on your technician?  Are the plans for repair, install or maintenance vague or is there a custom product for you?  There is no need to go through a big brand name to get guaranteed service.  Trust the local contractor who will understand the demands North Texas weather can put on your system.  True Blue Air Service understands that you can’t wait weeks to get your air conditioning repaired during the summer months or your heating repaired in the unpredictable winters.

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