Keeping up in the Summer Heat

Keeping your home cool in the Summer does require upkeep on your part! Here are a couple of easy ways to ensure you are getting what you need out of your air conditioning unit:

  • Airflow is important for efficient cooling. Remove anything that might obstruct the vents, including furniture, window or wall treatments, and decor. Blocked vents make it more difficult for an air conditioning system to reach the required room temperature and affects its overall efficiency. A ceiling or standalone fan can further improve circulation, requiring less output from the air conditioner. In addition to cooling your home faster, it also uses up less energy.
  • Regular inspections complement the scheduled preventive maintenance conducted by an HVAC technician. Issues like punctured ducts, leaks, and electronic malfunctions can be addressed in a timely manner before they develop into bigger problems. It also helps keep your air conditioning system at full efficiency, reducing strain and helping prolong its lifespan. Also, make it a point to inspect the filters and have them replaced or cleaned (if reusable) at least once a year.

True Blue Air Service is here to help!  Please don’t wait until it’s too late.  Schedule a inspection as soon as possible to make sure you stay cool through these next few HOT months. 

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