10 Ways to Save on your Electric Bill

We’ve just about survived July, the hottest month this year. Surprisingly August is projected to be pretty nice weather… but let’s face it, “projected” can change at any time. You know what they say about Texas… if you don’t like the weather, wait 30 minutes!

If the weather forecast proves to be accurate, we can take a break from running our AC’s to their breaking point. We can finally open some windows to let the fresh air in. We only get two short seasons to do this! Here are a few other ways to save on your electric bill in the fall:

  • Lower the temperature
  •  Eliminate dust
  • Replace your filters
  •  Identify and fix any HVAC issues
  • Cook with something smaller than an oven
  • Plant trees to modify the climate
  • Consider adding a filtering system
  • Buy energy-efficient appliances
  •  Upgrade your HVAC system
  • Install a ceiling fan

Now is a really good time to get your HVAC checked out. Yes, we get a little break – that’s why it’s a great time for a check-up! The summer is harsh on our HVAC system. We really do run them to their breaking point, especially if we have an older system. There is no telling what kind of damage was done to the motor and other functionalities from within… that’s why you need to talk to a true HVAC certified professional from True Blue Air Services.

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