Back to School! Did you Buy a House?

It’s time for Back to School!

The summer is a great time for home buyers with children make their move. It’s a smart move because your family has time to acclimate before sending the kids back to school. Did you buy a home this summer? How thorough was your home inspection?

Purchasing a home is an extremely strenuous process. Mortgages, showings and finding the perfect house to fit your needs.  There is also the negotiating and so much stress, you probably don’t want to hear another word about it, so we’ll just stop here. Now that the nightmare is over and hopefully you’ve had some time to settle in, have you been able to buckle down and thoroughly inspect your appliances? Kitchen appliances, water heater and of course HVAC? If not, it’s probably a good idea you have it done.

Typical home inspections will run basic tests. They will test the HVAC to ensure the temperature reaches a certain degree cool and a certain degree warm within the appropriate time frame, but there’s not much more unless you pay to have a HVAC professional come out. Being in a new home, you really don’t know what you are dealing with. Before the new season approaches, consider getting a check-up!

It’s only $120.00 per year for a Spring and Fall Tune-up. Isn’t that worth your peace of mind?

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