Keep your Family Safe from Hazards

You’ve probably already tested your heater this season since we’ve had some pretty chilly days.  In addition to typical fire hazards, there are other dangers to consider throughout the cold season.  Many dangers associated with your furnace can be detected fairly quickly, but some can sneak up on you.  Here are a few things to remember during the Winter to keep your family safe.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), over 150 people in the U.S. die from carbon monoxide poisoning every year. An additional 5,000 or so suffer injuries. Known as the silent killer, CO poisoning is a very serious problem that can result from any fuel-burning process.

Generator, fireplace, and heating system maintenance should be conducted in the fall of every year for preventing buildup of this colorless and odorless gas.

Shocks and Electrical Hazards

Your furnace is hooked up to electrical wiring and control systems that connect to your thermostat and other parts. Other than flipping a switch or breaker, leave your furnace’s electrical work to a professional. Unless you are a certified electrician, always contact a professional HVAC technician for electrical repairs to your heating system.

Gas Leaks

Natural gas is still the most common heating fuel in the United States. A gas-powered furnace that is not maintained can cause efficiency and safety problems.  Although natural gas is naturally colorless and odorless, gas manufacturers are required to add chemicals to help alert people to the presence of gas.

If you smell rotten eggs and/or suspect a gas leak, evacuate the home as soon as possible and call your gas company or 911.

Water Leaks and Burns

Water leaks are more common in air conditioning systems than furnaces, but furnaces can still leak water and cause damage to your home. If you notice any water around your furnace, woodwork, or ceilings, contact an HVAC professional right way to assess the situation.

The heating system should be kept running and in good condition in the winter months. If the heating system is not used for a long time the water pipes can break and the water can escape from the pipes.

Keep your family safe this season, don’t take any risks. 

Call our trained technicians at True Blue Air Services and get your system checked out!

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