Control your Thermostat Remotely

It’s an exciting time of the year!  Everybody is getting ready to celebrate the Holidays, each in their own way.  Some stay home and enjoy events around the community, but many travel to be with loved ones miles and miles away.  Whether you are away for the evening or away for a week, the benefits of having a smart thermostat are outstanding!  

True Blue Air Services can hep you install your smart (or WiFi) thermostat, powered through Nexia. Nexia helps you connect to your home from an all-in-one app. You can purchase a Nexia Bridge to manage all of your smart home devices. Nexia is compatible with Trane cooling and heating and other cooling and heating products.

The biggest reason to upgrade to a WiFi thermostat is for the energy cost savings. With a smart thermostat, it’s easy to schedule your HVAC to run less in the summerwhile you’re out for the day, and keep your home at the perfect warmth in the Winter. You’ll use less energy by cooling and heating your home only while you’re in it. You can program your digital thermostat to kick in right before family members are scheduled to start coming home, so that your home is cooled or heated to the perfect temperature from the moment you walk in the door.

Another popular benefit of installing a WiFi thermostat is that it allows you to control the temperature in your home remotely. If you’re coming home early and want your home cooled or heated before you arrive, you can simply log into your thermostat app and adjust your temperature control for the day. If you’re going on vacation, you can change your settings to be the most cost efficient while you are away. Your thermostat will send alerts to let you know if the interior temperature in your home has fallen below, or risen above your set limits, so you can monitor whether or not your HVAC is working properly from afar.

Reach out to True Blue Air Services and get your WiFi thermostat installed today!

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