Are Today’s HVAC Systems Short-lived?

Does it seem like the newer HVAC systems are short-lived? Especially those builder grade systems that give you problems within months. Does is seem like yours or maybe your parent’s system in the 80’s ran like a military tank? Surprisingly, systems today are built with better quality parts, better seals and better technology. Why would today’s HVAC systems have a shorter life span? Here are some factors to consider…

Installation: The life span of your system has a great deal to do with the installation. Is the technician doing a sloppy job in a hurry? Are all valves double checked and secure? The installation can make or break your HVAC unit so you need to be sure you use a trusted HVAC company like True Blue Air Service…

Proper Maintenance: Some homeowners know how to monitor refrigerant levels and understand overall maintenance of their HVAC system. Some homeowners THINK they have it under control. In reality, it’s a true art form to properly maintain your system. If you aren’t a licensed HVAC technician, it’s probably better to call the professionals.

Reliable Brand: Choosing the right brand makes a big difference. Getting a bargain deal is not always the cheapest solution when you consider long-term expenses. Brands like Trane and Amana are a couple of manufacturer names you can trust. Don’t waste your money on a bargain brand, only to replace it in a few years.

New Home Builder’s Grade: New home builds don’t always come with the best quality products. If you are having a home built, try to upgrade the “cookie cutter” brand that builders are sometimes contracted with. Some builders may offer the upgrade just as you can upgrade countertops and cabinets, some might not. It’s always best to investigate so you know what you are walking into.

Reliable Technicians: You need to be able to trust your technician. A good HVAC company only hires quality technicians who will do a thorough job. Although time is of the essence, sometimes a little “OCD” resulting in more time is worth the wait.

If you’ve had one issue after another with your HVAC system, you will probably spend more on service calls and repairs than you would on a new system installed properly and well maintained from the start. True Blue Air Service lives up to their name. TRUE to their customers! Call True Blue Air Service today and get a check up or an estimate on a new system.

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