Allergies in the Custody Battle for Texas!

Spring and fall flow through quickly in the South. It seems like we go from Winter straight to Summer! With Winter and Summer “fighting for custody” over Texas, many of us are suffering from seasonal allergies. When seasons change in Texas, stepping outside can quickly trigger a sneezing fit or worse – especially in those who have asthma. While we can’t change our climate, we can take a few steps to reduce allergens in our homes. Here are 5 tips to allergy proof your home:

1. Get Rid Of Clutter

Spring cleaning and allergy relief actually go hand-in-hand. Channel your inner interior decorator this spring and declutter your living spaces. Consolidating items that collect dust, like knick-knacks, ornaments, books and magazines can do wonders for your allergies. Also, if you’re due for a new sofa, go leather, or a material that doesn’t collect dust like upholstery.

2. Avoid Drying Laundry Outside

Though letting laundry dry naturally on a line outdoors may conserve energy, doing so will stir up allergies. Pollen will stick to clothing and especially sheets and towels while they dry, and they’ll stick well since wetness is a natural adhesive. Instead of leading to a situation where drying off after a shower leads to an instant sneezing fit, dry your clothes indoors. If you’re considering wearing items sitting in storage all winter, give them a wash too as dust and mold could have built up on them.

3. Get Those Carpets Cleaned

Dust mites can live deep inside carpeting. While ditching those carpets for flooring is a big ask, getting your carpets professionally cleaned once every spring will be a big help. Vacuuming them yourselves is a help, but it will not fully get rid of all lingering dust mites, while a professional can.

4. Prepare Your A/C

Spring means it’s almost A/C-blasting season, so you should make sure your gear is up to snuff. Take the screen out of your unit and knock the dust out of it. If needed, get your air conditioner serviced professionally and install a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter so fewer dust particles can pass through it. Once that’s ready to go, you can rely on it instead of opening windows, allowing pollen to enter.

5. Don’t Forget The Kitchen and Bathroom

Where there’s moisture, there’s mold. So be sure to constantly wipe surfaces like above the fridge and under the sink to get rid of any lingering moisture and potential mold breeding grounds. This rings especially true in the warmer months to come, as mold grows faster in warm weather.

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