Saving on HVAC Installation Costs

Let’s face it, nobody likes to spend money on their HVAC system.  When it’s time to install a new system, it can get really expensive!  We offer 100% financing and free estimates on installations, but sometimes you can avoid such an expensive event with regular maintenance through a service contract… A service contract is onlyContinue reading “Saving on HVAC Installation Costs”

It is Still HOT! When will it be Fall?

For a few lucky ones, this is the time to take a little vacation and get a break from the heat…the rest of us have to wait it out.  For 2019, the first day of Fall is September 23rd.  What does the weather look like?  According to, it will be in the 90’s forContinue reading “It is Still HOT! When will it be Fall?”

Back to School! Did you Buy a House?

It’s time for Back to School! The summer is a great time for home buyers with children make their move. It’s a smart move because your family has time to acclimate before sending the kids back to school. Did you buy a home this summer? How thorough was your home inspection? Purchasing a home isContinue reading “Back to School! Did you Buy a House?”

10 Ways to Save on your Electric Bill

We’ve just about survived July, the hottest month this year. Surprisingly August is projected to be pretty nice weather… but let’s face it, “projected” can change at any time. You know what they say about Texas… if you don’t like the weather, wait 30 minutes! If the weather forecast proves to be accurate, we canContinue reading “10 Ways to Save on your Electric Bill”

July Temps Expected to Hit Triple Digits!

We all know that staying safely in the AC will keep us safe from heat related illness and injury; but we can’t always do that!  Here are some safety tips on how to spot and treat heat related illness and injury: We all have heard this all our lives, but drink water!  Lots of water,Continue reading “July Temps Expected to Hit Triple Digits!”

Today’s Pollen Count: Next to Nothing!

How are your allergies this season? True Blue Air Service proudly distributes the Trane CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner. The CleanEffects supplies a cleaner, healthier environment, allowing you to breathe easier! Particles like dust, smoke and bacteria are often a fraction of a micron. At that size, allergens can get deep into your lungs because they aren’tContinue reading “Today’s Pollen Count: Next to Nothing!”

Keeping up in the Summer Heat

Keeping your home cool in the Summer does require upkeep on your part! Here are a couple of easy ways to ensure you are getting what you need out of your air conditioning unit: Airflow is important for efficient cooling. Remove anything that might obstruct the vents, including furniture, window or wall treatments, and decor.Continue reading “Keeping up in the Summer Heat”

Time for Spring Cleaning!

A lot of businesses practice reactive maintenance or “run it till it breaks” which has low upfront costs but will ultimately degrade equipment performance and reliability.  Before the season gets any hotter, it’s time to do some Spring Cleaning! Preventative maintenance is a planned activity to clean, inspect, and test heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipmentContinue reading “Time for Spring Cleaning!”

HVAC Refrigerant R22 Outlawed

Is your HVAC refrigerant about to be outlawed? January 1, 2020, the refrigerant R22 will become illegal and systems that use it will become obsolete. In order to repair or maintain systems that requires R22, the only options for technicians will be to use reclaimed and previously produced R22 refrigerant, but those products won’t beContinue reading “HVAC Refrigerant R22 Outlawed”

Upgrading your Thermostat

Thermostat technology advances are becoming more attractive.  New homes come equipped with smart technology and temperature control, but you can upgrade your system and take advantage of the luxury and savings! How many of us have programmable thermostats that have never been properly programmed? The odds are – MANY of us! The early programmable thermostatsContinue reading “Upgrading your Thermostat”