Heating Services in the Fort Worth Area

Regular gas furnace maintenance is highly recommended due to the sensors and controls of the modern day furnace design. To maintain proper function and reliability, there are many components that need to be cleaned and serviced on a semi-regular basis. We recommend every gas furnace be serviced once a year to ensure your heater will function as designed and not leave you in the cold. Safety is also a major concern when dealing with gas appliances. Proper piping of ventilation and duct integrity are vital to keep a safe operating furnace. We also offer low cost service contracts that provide savings and benefits for our preferred customers that would like to have worry free comfort all year round.

Heat Pump Service

Heat pump service is recommended yearly due to the nature of the heat pump design. A heat pump system is designed with a emergency or auxiliary heat source which may be operating if you heat pump is not working up to par. This means your heat pump may be running much longer than necessary. This could cause the secondary heat source to kick in, making for a very inefficient system increasing your power usage many times over. Many people tend to have higher electric bills in the winter than they do during the summer months. With proper maintenance, your heat pump should be more than adequate to maintain your desired temperature on its own without the help of the auxiliary heat being used. Your system will control this automatically and most of the time you will be completely unaware this is happening until you get your first high heating bills.  We offer low cost service contracts that offer included savings and benefits for our preferred customers that would like to have worry comfort year round.

The Most Common Causes for Furnace Failures:
  • Dirty flame sensor: Over time, a coating can form on the metal rod of the flame sensor that is difficult to see. This is caused from minerals in the gas being burned collecting on the rod. Because of this coating, electricity flow is restricted and the furnace control system “thinks” the burner has failed to light. This shuts off the gas as a safety measure even though everything has worked as designed. These should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent failure. This is done during a routine system preventative maintenance check. Broken or cracked ceramic are signs that the flame sensor is defective.
  • Stuck pressure switch: The pressure switch is used to ensure that the combustion motor is operating correctly and that the gas/flames are being pulled into the heat exchange. There is a diaphragm inside that will close a switch allowing the furnace to move on to the next start up process (igniter start up). Typically when this happens it will be the first time the unit starts up for the heater season, but can happen any time the furnace tries to start.
  • Stuck gas valve: It is not unusual for the gas valve to not open when the furnace calls for it. Sometimes it’s a stuck rubber seal or it could be a bad solenoid.
  • Broken Hot surface igniter: A Broken igniter is somewhat common on gas furnaces. Most factory igniters have a limited life span. They should be replaced every 5 years or so to prevent an unexpected failure.

Remember, when dealing with gas appliances, it is always best to leave it in the hands of trained professionals. So give True Blue Air Service a call for any of your furnace repair or preventative maintenance needs.