Service Contracts

Best Prices for HVAC Services in the Fort Worth Area
  • $120.00 per year for a Spring and Fall Tune-up.
  • $80.00 per year for each additional system.

Advantages to having a service contract with True Blue Air Service:

  • Improved Efficiency: An air conditioning system that is regularly maintained works more efficiently. When all coils and components are working as designed, you reach the maximum efficiency that your unit can provide. Bad connection points and dirty coils can cause you to loose up to 70% of the systems efficiency.
  • Extended Equipment Life: When an air conditioning system is maintained the system will be more likely to be trouble free and serve a longer life.
  • Lower Utility Bills: When your air conditioning system is working correctly and never using extra energy then the least amount of money is being spent. Since 60% of your utility bill is made up of your air conditioning you can lower your bill drastically just by changing your filters monthly and regular maintenance.
  • Priority customer advantage: Customers that have a service contract with True Blue Air Service receive a priority in our call placement which means if your system is down for any reason, they will be pushed in front of the line for quicker service response.

More ways having a service contract will save you money.

  • $10 off our regular priced service call at anytime.
  • 20% off any additional labor at any time.
  • 10% off any parts at any time.